Regenerative Medicine

In the US,  it is becoming more common to seek alternative treatments for medical conditions using stem cell therapy or stem cell based treatments. Some of the options that you may have been offered include cord blood products, wharton’s jelly, adipose derived stem cells, bone marrow derived stem cells….and Exosomes.

Some products are available from labs for physicians to administer to patients, while other stem cell based options are harvested directly from a patient, then re-administered to the patient.

At Regenerative Solutions of NJ, Dr. Spiel utilizes Exosomes from Kimera Labs. Exosomes have quickly grown in popularity amongst scientists, physicians and patients to become the treatment of choice for patients who can benefit from regenerative therapies. Exosomes are best known for safety and efficacy. They are commonly used to treat many medical conditions with excellent results.

If you are considering stem cell based treatment, learn the benefit of EXOSOMES…safety and efficacy.


Can Regenerative Medicine Help You?

Many conditions are being treated with regenerative therapies powered by exosomes! Don’t let yourself suffer, find out more information now!


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