Douglas J. Spiel M.D

Dr. Doug Spiel is an Interventional Pain Physician and Regenerative Medicine Specialist. He is a well respected physician and speaker, lecturing at many physician conferences on regenerative therapies and interventional pain.

Many patients arrive at his private practice in New Jersey, because they have struggled with illness or pain for years. They come to Dr. Spiel because his reputation precedes him. He has been practicing Interventional Pain for almost 20 years offering many patients relief. He is known for his broad base of medical knowledge, thoroughness in workup of patients, and quality of care offered to patients.

Dr. Spiel believes in ongoing self-education and study since the field of Regenerative Medicine is constantly evolving. He regularly attends, lectures and provides hands-on instruction for the Boston BioLife conferences multiple times per year. He has recently been awarded “Gold Star” status for “exceptional service to the field” by the American Society of Interventional Pain Physician

Dr. Spiel is passionate about the benefit of Exsosomes from Kimera Labs, in regenerative medicine. Whether he’s helping an athlete with an injury or a patient with a chronic condition, his goal is always to restore quality of life using an innovative approach that gets results. He prioritizes the individuality of the patient, their lifestyle, and the condition to formulate a treatment plan that addresses the problem.